martes, 7 de noviembre de 2017


Our 1st and 2nd year students enjoyed an appealing culture class about  United Kingdom, its flag, traditional food, the Royal family, the English language, music etc. It was great fun since the students could participate answering questions, playing games, and they had the chance to win some fabulous "limited edition" prizes!!

jueves, 2 de noviembre de 2017

Halloween competition!!

The English Department  organized a competition in which the students in 1st and 2nd ESO had to carve their own Jack-o'- lantern and write a scary story so as to celebrate halloween and have some fun at the same time!!!

The winners this year are:


Alba Achón, Patricia Álvarez and Natalia García. (2nd ESO)


Lucía Pina (1º E)


Candela Sanz (1º E)


jueves, 5 de octubre de 2017

Poncela's Office

BornEnrique Jardiel Poncela
15 October 1901
Died18 February 1952 (aged 50)
OccupationNovelist, short story writer, theatrical writer
Notable worksAmor se se escribe sin hache
ChildrenEvangelina Jardiel Poncela
 Our students in 4th ESO attended this morning a fascinating exhibition at the history centre in Zaragoza about the widely known Spanish writer Enrique Jardiel Poncela, his life and work, and everything was explained in English!

European Day of Languages, 26 September

What's it about?

The European Day of Languages is a yearly event held on 26 September. It celebrates the linguistic diversity of a continent with
  • over 200 European languages
  • 24 official EU languages
  • about 60 regional/minority languages
  • and many more spoken by people from other parts of the world

Why celebrate this day?

It's a chance to:
  • raise awareness of the wide variety of languages in Europe
  • promote cultural linguistic diversity
  • encourage people of all ages to learn languages - knowing more than one makes it easier to connect with people, to find a job and to help businesses grow

Who's behind it?

The European Day of Languages was established by the European Commission and the Council of Europe
, which represents 800 million Europeans from 47 countries. Many language and cultural institutes, associations, universities and, in particular, schools take part. Established in 2001, the European Year of Languages,  the Day of Languages has been celebrated every year since then.

What's happening around Europe?

Language classes, games, talks, conferences, radio shows, contests … you name it, and it is happening somewhere in Europe - whether on the day itself or in the weeks before and after 26 September.
Celebrate the European Day of Languages 2017 with us. You can find more information on the events in your countries:

This year some of our students read the same poem in Spanish, French, German and English.

lunes, 3 de julio de 2017

Convocatoria Proyectos Ampliación Lenguas Extranjeras (PALE)

Ya se ha publicado en educaragón la convocatoria para solicitar autorización para desarrollar Proyectos de Ampliación de Lenguas Extranjeras y Proyectos Europeos para el curso 2017-2018. Podéis consultarla en este enlace.
El plazo de solicitud comenzará el 4 de Septiembre y finalizará el 25 de Septiembre (ambos incluidos).

domingo, 2 de julio de 2017



Our students in 3º ESO gave a presentation in the English lesson about a recipe they chose, and after that we ate the delicious cakes, cookies, torrijas, etc. they made!!! Here you can see an example: